His background

Having co-authored several articles for professional development at the University, Jim Stemper understands what it is like for academic authors expected to contribute to the literature in their field. He has the requisite skills and background to get authors what they need to get published, on time.

As a librarian at the University of Minnesota, he helped patrons identify appropriate books, journals, and other materials for their research. In twenty-plus years of online service, he learned how to tailor info to the user—clarifying the discipline-specific needs of faculty, grad students, and undergrads; finding appropriate materials; and communicating answers in writing within a 24-hour turnaround time. On a campus of over 50,000 students and faculty, he’s served people of many disciplines, countries, and viewpoints. In person, on email, in chat rooms. Also, as the library’s database license negotiator, he gained valuable experience communicating with academic publishers in pursuit of clear legal documents that met the needs of both parties.

Jim successfully completed the Copyediting Certificate program at the University of San Diego. Before his graduate studies in library and information science at the University of Wisconsin, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Literature from the University of Minnesota. See his resume for more on his professional background. [link to resume]

He is a member of the American Copy Editors Society and the Editorial Freelancers Association.

When not working, he is probably planning the next road trip to Yellowstone with his wife and son, or the next adventure in Boundary Waters Canoe Area with his four brothers.

The company

Stemper Edits is a small business, which means he’s nimble and he’s quick! Jim focuses on your publication and make sure your customers have copy that’s easy to navigate because it’s clean, concise, correct. As a former librarian who’s done research into disciplinary differences in usage, citation, and impact, he values having the most current reference sources so he brings them to bear on your behalf—the current style guide in your field, the right database to check facts. As an academic author, he loves what words can do and has a record of service to the people who make the academy work. Hiring him, you can rely on readability!
For more info, see the complete list of his copyediting services. [link to website services page]

Testimonials and awards he’s received

Professor Amy Lee, in the Acknowledgments of her book Composing Critical Pedagogies: Teaching Writing as Revision, wrote “Thanks to James Stemper, a librarian-detective.”

See which articles that he’s coauthored and copyedited have won awards from academic publishers and professional library organizations:

The research service he managed, InfoPoint, won an Exemplary Service award from the U.S. Department of Education “for excellence in Internet-based information provision.”

Samples of his published work

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