Testimonials & Awards

My book is currently in the final stages of production, and my copy editor discovered I was missing these four sources. Each of these texts were given to me years ago by teacher-colleagues for use in my literature course, and I had only the xeroxed copies and without any source information whatsoever. . . One was literally a scrap of paper with a poem typed on it and an author’s name hand-written in the margins. . . [B]oth my editor and I were checking various databases and personal sources. Meanwhile, James Stemper went to work. His discovery not just of one or two, but of all of my missing references was truly remarkable. . . He was at work on this for four days and persisted until he had succeeded in locating each and every missing reference. I was amazed. . . I was beginning to have to consider re-writing certain sections since one cannot cite from unreferenced material in the context of a book. So here’s thanks for a job well done!

--Professor Amy Lee, author of Composing Critical Pedagogies: Teaching Writing as Revision

This paper received one of the strongest endorsements of any submitted during my tenure as Assistant Editor and now Editor of Collection Management. I would like to quote the comments of the anonymous referee:. . . “Please tell the author(s) that I was delighted to read a manuscript that had been written by someone who really has an excellent style.”

--Edward Shreeves, former Director, Collections and Content Development, University of Iowa Libraries

Articles coauthored and copyedited by James that have won awards from academic publishers and professional library organizations:

The research service he managed, InfoPoint, won an Exemplary Service award from the U.S. Department of Education “for excellence in Internet-based information provision.”